Why It Is So Important To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For Camping?

A camper should not underestimate the importance of a sleeping bag. It is hard to pursue with the camping venture if a camper doesn’t have a reliable sleeping bag. With a boatload of variety available in the world of sleeping bags, it becomes a lot more difficult for the people to find the right sleeping bag.

I would also like to mention that sleeping bag reviews would help a lot in that aspect. In the reviews, you are going to see a wide range of top products that offer great features to the campers.

There is a sleeping bag for every camper, but it is all the matter of the brand and the store in which he/she is looking at. Before going on to the topic as to why it is important to choose the right sleeping bag, let us take a look at the different sleeping bags that are available in the world right now. The sleeping bags are categorized into four types, which are;

  1. Bushwalking bags: In these types of bags, the companies focus on comfort and performance. The bags are not generally heavy, therefore, people with all sorts of physiques can carry them. Despite the low weight, the bags have a plenty of features for the campers.

Though, it may not have high-spec materials, but they are still wonderful bags. They come in two shapes, mummy and tapered rectangular shape.

  1. Alpine bags: These are the frontline sleeping bags that are used for the campers who prefer to camp in the extreme conditions.

These sleeping bags are shaped in the mummy form, which allow campers to stay warm, insulated and comfortable. These bags are extremely popular among the campers because of the type of fabric and the water resistant features.

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Why Backpacks Are The Most Important Piece Of Gear For Backpacking?

The most important piece of gear is the backpacking backpack. Being so important, then it should fit into the one’s requirements for hiking like;

  1. It should be comfortable.
  2. It should fit your body.
  3. It should hold all of your other gears.
  4. It should be strong and robust.
  5. It should be water defiant, if not waterproof.
  6. It should be light in weight.


  • It should be comfortable
    • For selecting any backpack you must check if it’s comfortable for you or not like, your backpacking backpack should have the shoulder straps so that it do not scratch into your shoulders.
    • A wide and heavily padded waist belt should be there, so that all your weight will rest on your hips and your shoulder straps will keep the pack upwards.
    • Be careful about the sternum strap that it should not choke you or should not be lower than your sternum bone. The main purpose of it is that it will keep your shoulder straps close to your body and will not slip off your shoulders.
    • External frame backpacks always have an interlock backing between you and the pack as to provide you the proper comfort and cooling. The external backpack allows the air flow between you and your backpack.
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Everything You Need To Know About Backpacking

For any camping adventure choosing a right backpack is an important point to consider. As many inexperienced campers say that backpack, it’s just a bag, but it is more than that. Though backpacking seems to be small matter and it can benefit you in many ways that you can’t even imagine of, and you realize the worth when you are out for camping or trekking and your backpack is not as per the need of the hour.

To make your trip a successful adventure, the important gear for your outdoor event is the backpack as it will carry your all the things. Some experts believe that when you are choosing a right backpack for your outdoor event, then perfect rule is “Pack Light and Buy Right”.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of the backpacks available from expensive to cheap, basic to fashionable, lightweight to ultra-light weight. So, it may turn out to be a real frightening and challenging task when it comes to choosing a right backpack for an adventure trip.

Most of the people don’t know about the right backpack. So, a right backpack is the one that is comfortable to carry on your shoulders and to carry your load during your trip. Now to choose a right backpack you need to consider many things while selecting that is your comfort, proper load distribution on your spine, all the main and important features and functionalities and last point is the budget.

Among all the things, the comfort zone should be the first priority because to have a comfortable journey, you are buying the backpack. Hence, to choose a perfect backpack decide it according to the important features, what is the actual weight you want to carry and how long is your trip etc.

Now will discuss about the questions that people frequently ask while selecting a backpack.

  1. In backpacking, what equipment is being used?

The most important and main item to be used in backpacking is the backpack. As it will help you in carrying all the required equipment for your trip like tent, food and water source. Few other items that you will require in order to arrange a backpack is the good pair of hiking boots and a good team to properly guide you in climbing the hills and rocky areas that you will come across during your trip.

  1. Can I use other’s backpack at the time of backpacking?

Expert says that you can use anyone’s backpack, but you might have to pay for it. Though all the backpacks which are used for the long hiking are designed according to the specific body types and are built in for individual person because if you are on a long hike and you have borrowed someone else’s backpack then it can cause you discomfort and eruption. The best option is to buy your own backpack rather than using the other’s pack.

  1. What can I do if my backpack is causing the swelling on my shoulders?

In this case, you can start by adjusting the straps of your backpack. The main problem of the pack is that it’s not being carried in the right way and thus results in swelling in the shoulders. The whole weight of your pack should never be resting only on your shoulders. It should be evenly distributed to your waist and chest.  If you have worn the pack correctly and it is fitted in your frame, still you find it heavier, then you need to re-evaluate the things that you are carrying.

  1. How much does a typical backpack weigh for backpacking?

The backpack usually used for camping expedition can weight somewhere between 50 pounds to 70 pounds. It totally depends on the things you are carrying in your backpack. For long camping you got to carry minimum ½ a gallon of water to prevent yourself from dehydration. For long extended camping trips and overnight journey you should always take more water as much as you can.

Well, people these were the few considerations to note, while selecting a right backpack for your trekking. Also, make sure that your backpack has all the things for your survival in a wild zone and for that try to select the comfortable and easy to carry backpack. The main reason why people opt for the expensive backpack is the comfort. So before buying any backpack, research on the internet to find the best backpack for you that will fit your budget and your need.

Backpacking trip can be great fun, but you need to find answers to all the questions that most backpackers ask on the online forums. You should focus upon the safety aspects more than anything else. I hope the above-mentioned questions will help you make a better decision about backpacking.

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Few Tips On How To Select A New Hiking Backpack

For any hiking adventure, backpack is very essential as it will be your buddy during the trip and will be accompanying you around the world where ever you go. So, accordingly, always choose a right backpack for your trip so that you won’t regret it later. Always take these basic points into consideration like; if your bag is too big then you have to carry extra weight and thus, it will be uncomfortable for you, but if it’s too small then it will not fit all of your things. Also, take care of the product material because if it rains, then all your items will be soaked in it.

Considering all these points here we have come up with the few tips that will help you to decide on new hiking backpacks like its design, fit and size.

  1. Design – Hiking or backpacking backpacks usually come in two designs external or internal frame backpack.
  • These days internal frame backpack is most common. As they are lighter in weight and hug your body more. When hiking off trail it is really important that your body should carry your backpack weight well, so internal frame backpack is the best option as it will tend to center your load closer to your body’s natural center.
  • About external frame backpacks it will not hug your body that way and which will automatically allow more air flow between your body and backpack. This type of backpacks is not that popular these days. They are good for heavier, larger loads. Though they are less expensive, but it’s better for only trail hiking.
  • When you are looking for the backpacks in the stores nearby, check the designs of the backpacks along with comfort level and fit before finalizing it.
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Check Out The Most Amazing Backpacking Tips For Beginners

As the years go by, backpacking is becoming even more popular and a favorite hobby for many.  Those who love backpacking they are actually looking for adventure away from home and are opened for challenges and thrills. Unlike some other hobbies or sports, exploring the world can be enjoyed by anyone who is physically fit and confident. In addition, there is no limit to go as the world really is your there really seems to be no limit to where you want to go-the world really is your gift. The main point of this article is to highlight the things that will be useful for the beginners.

This activity is like a healthy dose of camping and hiking. In starting you will spend your days trekking around rural landscapes and at night by pitching your tents up under the spark sky. A backpacker can’t live or survive without his backpack as in that one can store all types of essential things to survive.

A great priority and responsibility is your health and safety along with the people you backpack with. At least someone in your group should have knowledge of first-aid. Everyone in your group must be aware about the dangers in the wild to keep themselves safe.

There are many benefits of backpacking. Firstly, it is a type of exercise. For those who love adventure and has an interest in the natural world it could be a great pastime for them. You can learn a lot while discovering the places and wildlife about the basic survival techniques like first aid or how to make a campfire.

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Backpacking: A Detonation On A Budget

Generally, vacation is an opportunity to take a break from your boring work schedule, explore the world and enjoy your time with family. But do they really make you happier or it adds up costly? When people are planning for vacation they balance their desires once they start adding up the cost of hotel rooms, meals, travel and attractions. Though, a majority population of travelers is expanding their vacation prospect and resulting in the improvement of health by strapping on a backpack.

People who have a great love for the nature or the families who are looking for a cost-effective adventure usually go for primary vacation. But those who really seek a huge break from their boring office routine they can go for backpacking vacation to explore more and to maximize their experience of vacation.

It is very crucial to plan a backpacking vacation in advance. Take into consideration that traversing rolling meadows are different from mountainous hikes and thus, require different levels of fitness. Accommodations also vary significantly as some hikers choose for the camping at night and complete nature experience. While others opt for sleeping in the huts so simple lodging and few trek from hotel to hotel. Questions to be answered before you start:

  • Do you have any experience in discreet conditions?
  • Are you sure that you can find food, shelter and water?
  • Do you sufficiently understand the kind of wildlife you may come across on your vacation?
  • Do you have any understanding of the behavior of wild animals?
  • If you are taking your children along, can you keep them safe on vacation?

Nowadays, many companies offer vacation packages and backpacking guides, all a good vacationer has to do is to investigate the options thoroughly because these agencies actually have experience with the setting and they can easily foresee the prospective encounters which may spoil your vacation if you left it to your own resources.

Here are some tips to help you work out a budget for your backpacking trip won’t leave you bankrupt in the middle of your trip.

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